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Our New Strategy

Our new strategy

In 2019, UDB carried out a review of its strategy in a bid to align the Bank’s planning cycle to that of the National Development Plan (NDP), thereby align the Bank’s focus toward addressing national priorities as entailed thereof. It was also intended to embed all pillars of sustainability within the Bank’s operations as well as to strengthen accountability for development impact.

From this perspective, the Purpose Statement was coined: “Improving the quality of life of Ugandans.
Three High Impact Goals were developed to drive the realization of this mandate and they include:

Goal 1: Reduce Poverty in Uganda

Uplift 500,000 people from poverty by 2024; This is to be achieved through poverty reduction programs geared mainly towards the agriculture sector;
Key Interventions will include:

  • Yield enhancement initiatives including water for crop production and livestock husbandry;
  • Fostering financial inclusion and access to financial services especially by women and youth, SMEs in agriculture and farming communities;
  • Youth empowerment and entrepreneurship development through support to Business, Technical, Vocational Education and Training (BTVETs);
  • Support interventions in the health and tourism sectors to the extent that they contribute to poverty reduction.

Goal 2: Build a Sustainable Food System for Uganda

Relieve 1,000,000 people from hunger. The Bank will support a system that delivers food security and nutrition, where food production is consistent and profitable, has a neutral/positive impact on the environment.
Key Interventions will include:

  • Initiatives aimed at the development of select crop and livestock value chains;
  • Financing to climate-smart agriculture and organic food production;
  • Support to agro-techs across the value chain and farm deployment of the same
  • Financing investments that support enhanced food security and reduction of harvest & post-harvest losses – investments in storage facilities to be prioritized

Goal 3: Industrialize Uganda

Increase industrial output by Ushs 4trillion by 2024. The Bank shall implement an industrial sector strategy that provides affordable and long-term finance targeting cottage, small, medium and large size industries.
Key Interventions:

  • Provide financing to support value addition through Agro-industrialization, manufacturing and the mineral-based industries.
  • Finance interventions that promote the adoption of 21st century industry technologies that are clean and climate-smart.

This strategy was launched on 28th May 2020 by the Finance State Minister for Privatization and Investment, Hon. Evelyn Anite.

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