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Our People

At UDB, we pride ourselves on ensuring that we deliberately create and consistently nurture a conducive working environment that supports Our People not only to be productive but also to flourish and grow.

Leadership Development

We have a firm belief that professional and leadership capabilities lie at the heart of enabling delivery of business aspirations as well as ensuring long-term sustainability.

Learning & Development

As a precursor to delivering our strategic business objectives, the Bank firmly believes that staff need to be adequately skilled for their current and future roles. In this regard, we invest in learning and development opportunities for our staff. 

Our Culture


We create an environment based on shared and understood values and behavior. We cooperate and openly share knowledge and information within the bank. We always treat our colleagues, customers, development partners and external partners the same way we wish to be treated. We deliver on our promises and never put off the hard decisions. Our actions consistently exhibit our values.


Whatever we do, we do it with passion. We are focused on delivering sustainable value to our key stakeholders. We have a strong belief in and acceptance of the Bank’s goals.


  • We strive for the best in everything we do.
  • We achieve outstanding results using open and transparent measures to monitor, evaluate and report.
  • We embrace innovation and change, lead by example and deliver clear and consistent messages.
  • We acknowledge and reward our achievements.

Opportunities at UDB



The Director Risk is responsible for all matters of risk management in the bank, spanning from the development and implementation of risk management strategies, coordination of all risk management processes, to monitoring and review of risk management policies, systems, tools and program(s) in accordance with the acceptable risk management practices & guidelines, the Bank’s risk policies and  the relevant laws and regulations.

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The jobholder is responsible for providing leadership and visibility of the bank for socio-economic development issues by appropriately positioning the Bank as a thought leader and centre of excellence for all socio-economic development matters and research.

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