The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) together with the office of the Prime Minister of Uganda is implementing designated components of the Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU), Program funded by the European Union (EU) under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF).

Uganda Development Bank is one of the partners helping UNCDF to implement this program and was thus invited to attend the launch, in the districts of Oyam on the 29/10/2018 and in Zombo on the 31/10/2018.
UNCDF DINU Program Manager is Jenifer Bukokhe Wakhugu while Dmitry Pozhidaev is the Regional Technical Advisor under the Office of the Prime Minister.

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This flagship program has a total budget of around € 26 million, and is designed to consolidate stability in Northern Uganda, eradicate poverty and under-nutrition and strengthen the foundations for sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development.

The program is to be implemented in 33 districts with the main objective of reducing the development gap between Northern Uganda and the rest of the country by focusing on three areas including Nutrition and Food Security, Road Infrastructure, and Good Governance. It is aimed at offering a unique combination of technical assistance and finance to key stakeholders in the above three areas.

It has a blended finance facility (Support to Agricultural Revitalization and Transformation, START) to provide affordable finance (grants, loans and guarantees) and Business Development Services (BDS) to finance Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) value adding projects in agriculture.

Uganda Development Bank (UDBL), will in particular focus on eradicating Poverty and Nutrition Improvement through provision of affordable financing to pre- identified and vetted farmer groups from UNCDF, while other partners will focus on other aspects of the program including, Private Sector Foundation of Uganda (PSFU), Ministry of Works and Transport (MoWT), Ministry of Local Government (MoLG), Local Government Finance Commission (LGFC), Uganda Local Government Association (ULGA), Urban Authorities Association of Uganda (UAAU), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Therefore, the bank should keep in close contact with UNCDF, to expedite on how best to structure the financing, as well as identify and receive the projects ready for financing from UNCDF.