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UDB Engages National Economy Committee

UDB Engages National Economy Committee

Uganda Development Bank Limited held a meeting with the National Economy Committee of Parliament, a key stakeholder group for the Bank. The engagement was held to provide an update to the Members of Parliament on the performance of the Bank including development impact generated from projects funded by the Bank; UDB’s financial performance over the years as well as highlights of the strategic interventions the Bank is undertaking. The meeting took place at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

Mr. Henry Magino, a member of the UDB Board of Directors communicated the Bank’s commitment to contributing to the attainment of Vision 2040. He expressed his appreciation to the committee for their continued support particularly in terms of approval of the various lines of credit and guarantees for the Bank. “Your support has enabled UDB enhance our capacity to support projects that have promoted inclusive growth in the country and has ultimately led to generation of even more socio-economic impact,” Magino remarked.

The Chairperson of the National Economy Committee, Hon. Syda Bbumba expressed her appreciation to the Board of Directors, Management and Staff for their unwavering commitment to the delivery of the Bank’s mandate. She pledged the committee’s continued support to the Bank and acknowledged UDB’s consistently good performance over the last several years. She emphasized the importance of continual engagement and provision of updates to enable the committee provide support as effectively as possible. “We would be very happy to take a tour of UDB-funded projects so that the committee members can appreciate the scale and impact that is being generated,” Hon. Bbumba said.




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