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UDB Executive Committee Pays A Visit To Vision Group

UDB Executive Committee pays a visit to Vision Group

Members of the UDB Executive Committee, led by the Managing Director, Patricia Ojangole, paid a courtesy visit to Vision Group on 15th July 2020. The purpose of the visit was to lay a foundation for future strategic media interventions and to discuss potential partnerships between the two institutions.

The team from Vision Group shared some impactful interventions that they’d like to implement in partnership with the Bank that will enhance visibility and awareness. Of relevance is the enhanced capitalization that has been a topic of discussion among various stakeholders for which additional context to the public is imperative and timely.

Specific initiatives such as media interviews to provide context to the Call for Applications that is due to run were arranged. Additionally, it was agreed that further discussions around content advertising such as publishing of testimonials and participation in thematic initiatives that are business-focused were to be held at greater length as a next step to actualizing strategic partnerships.

The Chief Executive Officer of Vision Group, Mr. Robert Kabushenga expressed his appreciation for the visit and expressed his keenness for a strengthening of relations between the two institutions to support the realization of the Bank’s purpose statement which is Improving the lives of Ugandans.

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