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7th July 2022

Uganda Development Bank, the country’s National Development Finance Institution, has today released its 2021 Direct Impact Report highlighting the fundamental role that the Bank continues to play toward Uganda’s sustainable socio-economic transformation and growth. This Direct Impact Report reflects UDB’s work and coverage through job creation, output value, forex, and tax generated by enterprises supported by the Bank. “In the intervening period, the Bank’s investment created and maintained a total of 41,338 jobs, and a total output value of UGX 2.445 trillion was realized. This output value contributed UGX84 billion in form of tax revenue to the government, and forex earnings of UGX405 billion,” the report reads in part.

18th May, 2022

Development Bank Ltd (UDBL), the country’s national Development Finance Institution, in partnership with the European Union, has today announced a special call for eligible businesses in the tourism sector to apply for and receive up to Shs1 billion in grants and soft loan with flexible terms aligned to the current needs of the sector.

14th, January, 2022

The Uganda Development Bank Ltd (UDBL), the country’s national Development Finance Institution, approved projects worth Shs926 Billion of which a total of Shs589 Billion has so been disbursed into the Ugandan economy to support businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic period (August 2020, to-date). This disbursement represents the largest investment in the post-COVID recovery effort in the country where the government through UDB is prioritizing growth through localized value addition, production and import replacement in alignment to the National Development Plan III. The funds were deployed to support the resilience and fast recovery of the economy during and post the pandemic to through import replacement and export.

6th, August, 2021

Uganda’s agriculture sector, both agro-industry and primary agriculture as well as manufacturing have emerged as the leaders in performance of the products offered by the Uganda Development Bank (UDB) according to a statement issued today. The Bank released a mid-year update covering the period July-2020-July 2021. In total UDB approved loans worth UGX 649Billion in the reporting period. A total of UGX 362 Billion was disbursed according to the Bank.

18th, June, 2021

The second wave of the COVID pandemic has led to record infections and an increasing number of deaths. In response the government has instituted new restrictions on movement and gatherings and urged Ugandans to follow the recommended procedures to break the chain of infections.

18th, March 2021

On Thursday 18th March, the New Vision newspaper published a story, accompanied by a list of clients reported to have benefited from a Government COVID-19 bailout package.

23rd, October, 2020

Chairman, International Council of Sustainability Standards for Value-Driven Financial Institutions and CEO, European Organization for Sustainable Development, Germany.

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