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Uganda Development Bank Staff Applauded For Sustainability-Certification

Uganda Development Bank staff applauded for Sustainability-Certification

Uganda Development Bank Limited (UDBL) celebrates its declaration as a sustainability certified institution on behalf of the Bank in Germany.

UDBL achieved level 5 which marks the highest level of compliance making the Banka truly sustainable financial institution ready to become a leader in financing the national development agenda and implementation of the global Sustainable Development Goals in Uganda.

The bank has undergone a rigorous process over the past 18 months to fulfil the sustainability certification criteria, which includes building sustainable governance and management structures and establishing a culture of innovation which is indispensable for the Bank so it can play a key role in transforming Ugandan economy, making it competitive in the international markets and creating decent economic opportunities for the people while preserving the environment.

As part of the Sustainability Certification process, UDBL developed its structures and systems to deploy all resources at its disposal for reducing poverty, building a sustainable food system and industrializing Uganda in a socially inclusive and environmentally friendly manner. It has streamlined its product portfolio and has developed a robust stakeholder management plan to create win-win partnerships to achieve these goals.

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