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a) Application form

b) Resolution to borrow, articles & memorandum of association, certificate of incorporation

c) Feasibility report/business plan (business plan guide/outline is available on the website)

d) A copy of each of the last 2 years audited/draft accounts (from an ICPAU/BOU listed audit firm) – (Where applicable)

e) Cashflow projections/budget estimates and projected financial statements

f) Bank statement for the past 12 months (Where applicable)

g) Loan statements for all existing loans, if applicable, including copies of loan offer letters or agreements from other financial institutions

h) Security for the proposed loan, including current valuations of the assets and any encumbrances, if applicable.

i) Credit Reference Bureau Report of the company & all its shareholders/directors (Where applicable)

j) Current & historical off taker agreements/purchase agreements where significant sales are on credit or under contract, including Pro-forma invoices accompanied by profiles of the proposed suppliers

k) Proof of NSSF compliance (Proof of NSSF compliance)

l) Latest Returns of Directors and Shareholders (if applicable)

m) Profiles of Directors & key technical personnel

n) Tax clearance certificate

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