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The Bank is developing capacity to support local or private entities resident in Uganda that are involved in the development of infrastructure projects through project financing, to enable social economic transformation. Currently, the Bank is supporting local contractors in need of equipment and working capital, local or private entities resident in Uganda that are engaged in increasing power supply or extending electricity access to the local Ugandans through renewable energies such as solar mini grids and hydro power. Also, local or private entities resident in Uganda that are engaged in water for production activities to supply water to farmers or those engaged in livestock activities.

In support, the Bank has positioned itself to better work with other DFIs, commercial banks, private sector and government by offering the following solutions;

  • Structuring of high-impact projects in the country to facilitate project financing and public private partnership development.
  • Providing loans and equity tailored to meet the needs of the identified infrastructure projects.
  • Mobilizing funds through syndication programs with other Banks and DFIs.
  • De-risking of high impact projects through adequate project preparation.
  • Co-financing of high impact infrastructure projects arranged by other DFIs and commercial banks

Infrastructure Bank intervention focuses on the following:

(i) Energy infrastructure: Generation, Transmission and Distribution
(ii) Transport infrastructure: Roads and light rails
(iii) Water for production infrastructure
(iv) ICT infrastructure

UDB Priority sectors brochure

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