Work with us

At UDB, we pride ourselves on ensuring that we deliberately create and consistently nurture a conducive working environment that supports our people not only to be productive but also to flourish and grow.

Leadership Development & Learning

We have a firm belief that professional and leadership capabilities lie at the heart of enabling delivery of business aspirations as well as ensuring long-term sustainability.

As a precursor to delivering our strategic business objectives, We also understand that staff need to be adequately skilled for their current and future roles. In this regard, we invest in learning and development opportunities for our staff.

Our Culture

High Impact Goals

Goal 1: To Build a Sustainable Agrifood System for Uganda – Covering interventions to support the agriculture ecosystem end-to-end, from primary production of food and non-food agricultural products through to storage, aggregation, post-harvest handling, transportation, processing, distribution, and marketing.

Goal 2: To promote sustainable Industrialization in Uganda – Encompassing interventions to boost value addition through specific initiatives targeting Agro-industrialization; Manufacturing; Knowledge-based and capital-intensive industries; and the extractive industry.

Goal 3: To Develop a Sustainable Services Sector – The Bank will prioritize selected investments to support Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI); Education; Health; Tourism; and the Creative Industry.