Abu Baker Technical Services Ltd

The Company is a leading road contractor employing about 600 staff across its locations. Its clientele is varied, including government, government agencies and donor funded projects. The Bank provided funding to the Company for procurement of stone crushing and road traction equipment and UGX 4.5 billion to augment working capital for execution of its contracts.

The company is a significant player in the infrastructural development sector. In the last 2 years it has tarmacked 82 km of road, with over 100 km more in contracts yet to be executed. The company also continues to contribute positively to the economy in other fields. Of its 600 employees, over a half are female. In the year ended 2018, the company had a gross turnover of UGX 41.6 billion and paid UGX 100 million in taxes. More socio economic benefits are expected with UDB’s continued support.