Gulu Agriculture Development Company, (GADC)

The Company is engaged in primary production and processing of cotton in Acholi and west Nile districts. The project is 100% dependent on out growers as the only source of seed cotton to run the factories situated in Kitgum, Gulu and Arua.

GADC works closely with the Uganda Ginners and Cotton Exporters Association (UGCEA) which distributes cotton inputs and extension services throughout northern Uganda. UGCEA and GADC both work very closely in a Public/Private partnership with the Cotton Development Organization(CDO).

Through working in partnership, UGCEA and CDO have worked with all ginners to build the Ugandan cotton industry from around 55,000 bales to 200,000 bales currently. GADC is the lead cotton production project in Northern Uganda; it has a sizeable market share in Uganda, contributing over 20% cotton export. The company is the leading company in the revitalization of cotton production and processing in Uganda.

By the Bank financing this project, the development impact to be created will include an increase in house hold incomes of the population in the sub region; Increase quantity of the Uganda cotton exports and creation of more jobs for the population especially women and youth in the sub region.