Jesa Farm Dairy Ltd

Jesa is the leading producer of fresh pasteurized milk, yoghurt and ultra-heat treated milk (UHT). Jesa enjoys the biggest market share and brand loyalty in fresh pasteurised milk with the market predominantly in the greater Kampala. It also exports to the neighbouring Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan.

The Bank has supported the company by providing financing to expand its production capacity from 75,000 to 200,000 litres per day. The expanded production of Jesa at the time caused challenges with treatment of factory waste. The company’s old Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) was undersized and unable to treat waste in the manner required by NEMA.

The bank once again supported the company in the procurement and set up an ETP waste management plant to manage the waste from the factory. Ever since this was installed and fully operational, the company has been able to effectively manage all the waste from the plant to the satisfaction of NEMA.

Jesa employs over 300 employees; contributes over Ushs 4 billion in tax revenues to the country and Ushs 10 billion in foreign exchange earnings as a result of exporting of its products to neighbouring countries.